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IMG_5859.JPGParts for molded hub props

Spinner nut US$19
Stainless steel shaft US$15
Balanced spinner backplate for most models that don't need extended length US$35

Ask about a package deal price for these parts when purchased with some props by e-mailing Bruce on


carbon prop.jpg

Moulded Hub Carbon Prop

Carbon Fibre moulded hub props to suit F3D and F400 Aircraft...
Price in US$

US$30 + 10% GST for orders within Australia

$49 + 10% GST for carved and balanced ready to run

newslineplane.pngcarbon prop small.jpgCarbon Prop

For use with F3D and F400.
Note this is the same blade as the moulded hub prop but with the conventional hub. 
Constructed of 100% carbon and heat cured resin...

Price in US$ 

US$27 + 10% GST ​​for orders within Australianewslineplane.pngprop1.jpgprop2.jpg
2016 F5D single blade reverse rotation props as used exclusively by Australain team at the World Champs for their second place team finish.
2 types available
low pitch for 2300Kv or similar motors and High pitch for 1900 to 2100 Kv motors
available straight from the mould ( you trim and balance ) for US$40
or ready to run ( trimmed to suit your motor as best I can , then balanced ) U$60 ea.
Prop hub ( for 5mm shaft only ) US$35 ea
Standard spinner also available now. CNC machined for either 5mm or 1/8" shafts. Not the 5mm shaft version is designed to have same mounting and weight as the singoe blade prop for easy interchainge
 US$40 ea.


F5D prop.jpg​ F5D 12x25 saw tooth prop blades. Very latest 2015 release with super strong root area for safe use and to survive landings better.

Blades come as a matched pair ready for you to install on your spinner.

Hub has spigot width of 6mm.

US$69 a pair ( add 10% gst for Australian customers )


Big Bruce Prop Balancerbalancer_1.jpg

CnC Machined Alloy Prop Balancer with very strong magnets to support the balance shaft.

Balance Shaft has special adaptors that fit the Big Bruce Racing Carbon Fibre Props for better support in the balancer.

Price in US$

US$85 + 10% GST for orders within Australia