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International shipping no more than US $100 for up to 2 models per order

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EVO 5DominatorIMG_1888.jpg

  • Wing area 14.14 Dm
  • Max weight by F5D rules at 1030g
  • 2 servo elevator for fine tuning in turns and redundancy
  • Full carbon wing skins and carbon + carbon/Kevlar body, Super strong and light !
  • Jig positioned metal inserts in body for wing mounting
  • Carbin cnc cut motor mount, direct drive or gear drive mounts available
  • Custom paint jobs available on wing only ( no wasting weight for paint on the body )

    Available now 

    US$475  ( 399 Euro )

    Evo 5 Dominator Pro now available


    Same wing and tail as original Dominator but with a much skinnier body. Note not all batteries fit this body, it is designed for the long skinny packs only. Also ony for 30mm dia. motors, nose is too skinny for fatter motors.

    Leomotion L3038, L3045, L3050 and NEU 1115 and 1117 are good choices.newslineplane (1).png


  • 1400mm span IMG_5947.JPG
  • Total surface area 16.69 dm
  • 30mm spinner nose size
  • Weight ready to fly 1000g
  • Full carbon composite wing, carbon/glass body, glass composite tail
  • Flapperon or aileron version available
  • Custom paint work by arrangement


Basic kit price  US$395
 newslineplane (1).png