Exciting changes are taking place !!

Big Bruce Racing that has in the past been solely doing model planes is growing up !

We are now moving into working on bigger projects including commercial drones, full size aircraft parts and repairs while still maintaining a world leading technology edge in the model aircraft racing sport.

The new business name is Ultimate Composites, to truly reflect our diverse range of work we are capable of.

So check out www.ultimatecomposites.com.au as well as a facebook page under ultimate composites name for all the latest developments we are working on.

New site is under development so please be patient, but do change your auto browser to find the new site before this one gets shut down later this year.

Check out whats new for 2019 in the Ultimate Composites page, what you find here is unique and an absolute game changer to the Pylon Racing airframe development.

With custom prepared pre preg carbon skins molded at high temperatures in computer controlled ovens and the addition of a molded ( secret ingredient ) core makes these parts up to 10 times stiffer than old vacuum molded techniques with typically a weight reduction as well. Torsional stiffness on Ailerons and elevators is amazing and gives a very nice feel to the way the model flies. This is the most exciting development I have made since working on painted in mold vacuum bagged parts 30 years ago.

NOTE: All prices are in US$. Australian customers to add 10% for GST.

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